Children's Summer Reading Game 2021



The future needs your help!

The mysterious organization S.N.A.R.L. has created robots that are taking over the future! Hope is not lost because this summer S.M.I.L.E. will train you to be a spy so you can stop S.N.A.R.L. before they get too far. But watch out - S.N.A.R.L. has stationed robots all over town that will try to get in your way. S.M.I.L.E. can’t come to the present so it’s up to you to save the future…

How to Play

  1. Registration is now closed. If you registered, pick up your free book by September 12th.
  2. Reading Logs can be submitted until September 4th
  3. DOWNLOAD and PRINT your Reading Log or pick one up at any St. Albert Library location
  4. Check out the Extra Fun section for extra mission fun!
  5. Complete our survey and let us know how we did!

Messages From The Future

Reading Log

Time Portals

Extra Fun

Not sure what to read? Try the suggestions on our grade lists below or Click GO on the spinner to help you find something new:

Sammi Robot

Vous ne savez pas quoi lire? Essayez les suggestions de personnel ci-dessous, ou cliquez sur GO sur la roulette pour vous aider à trouver quelque chose de nouveau:


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